Software Development Kit
to the Delphi-Win32 and Free Pascal compilers

PressObjects is a software development kit (SDK) composed of several frameworks that assist the construction of object oriented applications.

Code was built for Delphi-Win32 and Free Pascal compilers. It is 100% portable, 100% object oriented, 100% Object Pascal.


PressObjects is free software, distributed under a modified GNU-Lesser General Public License (LGPL) to allow the use of static link when creating packages or applications.


Here is a list of some PressObjects' features.

Download and sources

The project is on pre-alpha version. A functional snapshot is available here.

Instructions to view or download the development version (git) can be found here.


The currently available documentation can be found at the PressObjects wiki.

Lists, forums, support and contact

The PressObjects' user support is made by mailing lists.

Announcements: (only Alfa, Beta, RCs and Final releases)

English support mailing list:

English support forum:

Brazilian portuguese support mailing list:

Brazilian portuguese support forum:

Development mailing list:


Your contribution is always very welcome. This can be made by reporting bugs or fixing them, sending suggestions or building part of the code. Contact us through one of the mailing lists or create an issue at GitHub.

Todo list

This is a list with the main items to be prepared for PressObjects v1.
  • Documentation

Description of some frameworks, FAQ (wiki), description of the main classes (FPDoc).

  • Experts

to create business and MVP classes; report, login and user control views; database or persistence model synchronizer, iterable lists, etc.

  • More brokers

report managers, PressOPF connectors and databases, PressMVP views (fpGUI, MSEgui and Kol/Mck).

  • Assertions and test units